Real Men – Flying on a Wing and a Prayer with Thankful Hearts

“A real man is one who: rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously and accepts the greater reward.” These are the wise words of Robert Lewis, author of Raising a Modern-Day Knight. These were the words I quoted when I spoke at a Me more

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Dads4Kids Celebrating 20 Years Helping Our Children Thrive

I have warm memories of my Dad telling my brother and me stories, each night before we went to sleep. Stories of adventures in faraway lands, strange encounters with tigers and black panthers in the wild jungle. True life snake stories (my favourite) more

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Love is the Greatest Force in the Universe

“Love is the greatest force in the universe”. These are the words of Dr Martin Luther King, America’s greatest civil rights leader. Dr King was assassinated in 1968 and so proved these words in unmistakable fashion. Twenty years ago, on 1 May 2002, D more

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