Fathers Who Dare Win – Our Children Need Heroes

‘Fathers Who Dare Win’ is a confronting but captivating title for a great book on how to be a great dad. Ian Grant, the author, was for many years New Zealand’s number one parenting coach. Ian and his wife founded the Parenting Place in 1993. That or ...read more

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – International Mens Day

“The revolution will not be televised but you will see it on YouTube”. This adaptation of Gil Scott-Heron’s famous saying from the seventies might be the best way of explaining the recent November 19 celebration of International Men’s Day around the ...read more

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International Mens Day – Tribute to an Unknown Father

The unknown soldier was buried in the ‘Hall of Memory’, at the Australian War Memorial on 11 November 1993. Twenty-five years and eight days since that solemn occasion we celebrate the life and death of the unknown father on International Men’s Day 1 ...read more

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