No Surrender

This time next week, we could have a new government. The thought sends a shiver down my spine for two reasons. The Labor Party, who according to the polls will form government in a week’s time, are obsessively devoted to the introduction of Gender-Fluidity in our schools. See details of Labor’s policy here.

The teaching of this harmful ideology will damage our children massively. I believe this is nothing more than legislated child abuse.

In Canada and England, parents who refuse to comply with the new transgender policies are having their children taken from them. Check the links if you do not believe me.

The other sad reality is that the Labor Party seems bent on removing our right to have a different opinion. Political correctness is suffocating free speech and free thought, and I for one will never surrender this blood-bought gift.

Men and women over the last thousand years have given their lives for our current free democracy that western civilization has gifted to us. Its loss should not be taken lightly.

Sometimes other people can say things better. Mark Latham, who is a devoted dad, delivered his maiden speech in New South Wales Parliament this week.

Alan Jones, radio veteran and former speechwriter to the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, said it was the “Most outstanding political speech I’ve ever read“.

You can read an abbreviated version below.

The New Left are the new primitives of our time: junking the importance of evidence, of recorded history, of biological science, to pretend that all parts of our lives (especially race, gender and sexuality) can be fluid, that everything we know and feel around us is, in fact, ‘socially constructed’.

They’re peddling Fake News…

Our personal characteristics and identities are fixed, not fluid.

With few exceptions, people are born either male or female. (Editor’s Note: Only one in 4,500 babies are born with this disability)

We shouldn’t be confusing young people and risking their mental health by pushing gender fluidity upon them.

We shouldn’t be taking away from parents their essential role as the primary carers of their children – in matters personal and sexual.

We shouldn’t be changing the purpose of our education system: transforming schools from places of skill and academic attainment into gender fluidity factories.

Most of all, we shouldn’t be losing sight of the interests of mainstream, majority Australia.

In the last national census, for instance, 13 hundred Australians identified as transgender.

But to listen to the political and media coverage of this issue, you would think there were 13 million.

Everywhere I travel, parents and grandparents, workers and communities, tell me how concerned they are about Australia’s direction.

They ask me, ‘What’s happened to our country; where has this nonsense come from?’

The answer is clear.

The Leftist project, then and now, is about control.

Having, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, lost the struggle for economic control, the Left got smarter.

It shifted from the Cold War to a culture war.

It moved from pursuing economic Marxism to pushing cultural Marxism.

Instead of trying to socialise the means of production, it’s now trying to socialise the means of individual expression and belief – our language, our values, our behaviour.

Instead of seeking revolution at the top of government, it has marched instead through our institutions – a tactic that’s harder to combat.

The elites have been remarkably successful in this cultural invasion.

Our abiding national traditions of free speech, merit selection, resilience and love of country are being lost, not just in the public sector – in schools, universities, public broadcasters, major political parties and government agencies – but also in large parts of corporate Australia and the commercial media.

The rest of us are the Resistance to this national takeover.

Our chief ally is evidence.

Evidence and human nature.

Through the power of reason and enlightenment, people want to have a say about the things that are important to them.

They want free speech.

They want freedom of religion and belief…

I’m not a Christian but I recognise the vital contribution of Christianity to our civilisation: its vast social and charitable work; its teaching of right and wrong in civil society.

I stand with Israel Folau.

In his own private time away from his job playing football, he’s a preacher at his community church and naturally, he quotes the Bible.

He believes, as millions of people have believed for thousands of years, that sinners go to Hell.

As per his valid religious faith, he loves the sinner but condemns the sin.

Yet for his beliefs, his Christianity, he is not allowed to play rugby, to chase the pigskin around the park.

How did our State and our nation ever come to this?

I was on Folau’s list of sinners, more than once actually.

But as I don’t believe in Hell, there was no way I could take offence.

Those claiming outrage have fabricated their position solely for the purpose of censorship…

I believe that no Australian should live in fear of the words they utter.

No Australian should be fearful of proclaiming four of the most glorious words of our civilisation: I Am A Christian.

No one should be sacked by their employer for statements of genuine belief and faith that have got nothing to do with their job.

The Folau case exposes the new serfdom in the Australian workplace: how big companies, the corporate PC-elites are wanting to control all aspects of their employees’ lives – their religious and political views, how they speak and think, how they behave, even in their own time away from the workplace.

This is a stunning intrusion on workers’ rights.

Yet far from condemning the new serfdom, Labor and the trade unions have been cheering it on.

For those of us who believe in the virtues of Western civilisation, who treasure the advances and values of the Enlightenment…  this is the fight of our lives.

Our ethos… is simple:

No surrender.

No surrender in any debate, in any institution, on any front.

No surrender in trying to take back our country.”

Love work

When you vote next week, explain the process to your children. Point out to them that when they become of voting age, they should do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Here is a good video to watch to understand the process. Encourage them to seek out independent voices and opinions when they make their decision.

Family Voice have a good voter’s guide, as does the Australian Christian Values Institute, if I do say so myself. The Eternity voter’s guide is a bit more pro-Labor, but I am sure you are old enough to make your own decision, and one day your children will be too.

Yours for our Children,

Warwick Marsh

PS: No doubt you realise that I am a strong advocate for the values that have made Australia great. These are the same Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation stones of western civilization. That is why, long before Dads4Kids started, we first released the first Christian Values Checklist in 1999. We then released the Canberra Declaration in 2010 through a separate organisation.

Recently with a team of helpers, we put together a promo video for the Major Parties on Judeo-Christian Values and the Minor Parties on Judeo-Christian Values. Follow the links to watch them. If you feel so inclined, please pass them on through Facebook.

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Warwick Marsh has been married to Alison Marsh since 1975; they have five children and nine grandchildren, and he and his wife live in Wollongong in NSW, Australia. He is a family and faith advocate, social reformer, musician, TV producer, writer and public speaker.

Warwick is a leader in the Men’s and Family Movement, and he is well-known in Australia for his advocacy for children, marriage, manhood, family, fatherhood and faith. Warwick is passionate to encourage men to be great fathers and to know the greatest Father of all. The Father in Whom “there is no shadow of turning.”

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