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Over six weeks ago I wrote these words. “Every now and then a moment comes when someone fires a bolt of truth into the mayhem of modern culture and the repercussions are felt around the world, in a good way! Such a moment was the historic interview by Cathy Newman, an avowed radical feminist, with a mild but firm professor, Dr Jordan Peterson from Canada, a highly intelligent advocate for common sense.” I am glad to say these words have been proved true!

That self-same interview with Katy Newman has gone viral and is now heading towards 9 million views while his YouTube Channel has almost one million subscribers. Jordan’s new book “12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos” has been hovering at number one on the Amazon List for 9 weeks and could well be there for the next 12 months if his YouTube videos views are any indication.

Six weeks have passed and Jordan Peterson has just completed a sold out tour of Australia. He has appeared on all major Australian TV and radio shows and is taking a year’s sabbatical touring the world to promote his Book “12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos.”

Please find below a very insightful interview by Bettina Arndt who along with Miranda Devine are the two most famous female advocates for men in the Australian media world. Bettina was a one of the keynote speakers at our Strategic Conference at Parliament House on Fatherhood in 2003. Typically, Dr Jordan Peterson has some great words of wisdom for the modern man.

Bettina Arndt talks with Dr Jordan Peterson about the

Challenges Facing the Modern Male, Sex and Marriage 

Jordan Peterson has become a much-needed voice for men and many would say a father to a fatherless generation. I was going to write my own article about Jordan Peterson but I came across Luke Kinsella’s brilliant article called “Jordan Peterson is preaching to a generation desperate to grow up” in The Australian. Luke is a brave young man prepared to stand against the tide of intellectual dishonesty pervading our modern world and for that reason alone we thought it prudent to republish his brave and insightful article.

How has Jordan Peterson captured the hearts of millions of young men around the world? The answer is rather depressing. The rapid ascendancy of Dr Jordan Peterson from psychology professor to intellectual rock star begs the question: What’s his secret?

 Curious, I dived headfirst into the rabbit hole of Dr Peterson’s online philosophy. And now I think I know the answer. But more importantly, I know the significance of the question.

 Anyone wanting to understand the state of young people in today’s society, needs to learn why he is so captivating.

 For the uninitiated, Dr Peterson is a psychology professor at the University of Toronto who has developed a cult following online. His YouTube channel has amassed almost 1 million subscribers and more than 44 million views.

 Type his name into YouTube and you’ll find videos of him ranting against feminism, postmodernism and ‘social justice warriors’. But that’s just one side of him. He recently wrote self-help book “12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos”.

 That Dr Peterson would write a self-help book isn’t surprising. He’s not just a political bomb thrower, he’s been a clinical psychologist for over two decades.

 After its release, the book sat at the top of both Amazon’s “most read” and “most sold” lists.

 After being restricted to the confines of his YouTube channel, Dr Peterson has broken into the mainstream to become one of the most well-known public intellectuals in the world.

 The majority of his followers are men between the ages of 18 and 35 — a demographic I also fall into. Whether you agree with his politics or not, it’s hard to deny his appeal to men my age.

 In an interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, Dr Peterson admitted that at a speaking event the previous day, six young men told him he’d saved their lives. “It breaks me up. It’s sad that there are so many people in that state of crisis … it’s overwhelming,” he said with tears in his eyes.

 “There are a lot of lost people in the world,” he said. But the controversial psychologist seems to be finding them.

 His secret? After watching several hours of his lectures, I think I’ve figured it out. It can be summarised in a single word: responsibility.

 Dr Peterson’s message is a hard one to hear: “Life is suffering.” Hardship is inevitable and life will always find some way to make you resentful. But don’t complain about it, because that’ll make it worse. Instead, find some reason to make life worth it, despite that suffering.

 Something terrible happens to you. Should you be angry? Bitter? Resentful? Well, you could be. And you’d probably have every right to be. But is that the answer?

 Maybe the answer is to find enough meaning in your life to bear your suffering, to carry it with you. Find a reason to keep going. Responsibility, he claims, is that reason. Being responsible for something or someone is what gives life meaning.

 So if you’re going to have some responsibility, and if people are going to rely on you, you should strive to be the best person you can be. Start by improving yourself. Fix what’s wrong with you because you’re not perfect.

John Anderson talks to Dr Jordan Peterson during his Australian Tour

 My generation rarely hears this. It’s not that we think we’re perfect — though narcissism is on the rise. We’re just rarely told to improve in such harsh terms. Instead, we’re told we’re special and that we should feel good about ourselves, no matter what. We get prizes for coming in last. We’re the “self-esteem generation”, so it’s always somebody else’s fault.

 Dr Peterson’s saying the exact opposite: You’re not perfect, so stop blaming other people for your problems and take responsibility for yourself. Get your act together — you’ve got things to do. Aspire to a greater version of you.

 “Why should you feel good about who you are? You should feel good about who you could be,” he said. And we actually like that message. It allows us to take responsibility for ourselves and it gives us a goal to strive toward. It gives us direction.

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Have a great Easter with your family. Hope you have had a chance to check out ‘I can only Imagine’ with your family, a truly great film still at the cinemas over the next week. The above video interview, Dr Jordan Peterson with by Bettina Arndt,  is more than worth the watch.

Do I agree with Bettina’s view point on everything.? The answer is ‘no’ but having said that she is without doubt one of the modern Australian male’s greatest defenders and Dr Peterson’s observations on sex and marriage offer us all some priceless wisdom for the modern man.

Yours for more Common Sense

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