Marriage Kit Week 2 – Filling the Love Tank

The Marriage Kit just gets better and better. The Love Tank is getting seriously full. This type of online course really works for marriage couples because you can do it together.

Love Deconstructed, the title of the second module of the Marriage Kit is full of interesting information. The interactive questions provoke some very deep and profound soul searching. The topics of the different sections are quite self explanatory: The Science of Love; Love as a Choice; Love Needs; The Love Tank; Respect and Cherishment; Smart Loving; Date night.

What was really interesting for me was doing the evaluation of the Love Busters, or things that drain the Love Tank. This week, Alison and I again discovered things about each other we either did not know, or we were not fully aware of. From this we had some long conversations that led to greater levels of marital bliss.

Often we only need an excuse to begin a discussion that can bring healing to our marriages and health to our relationships.

The Marriage Kit by Dr Byron & Francine Pirola will help you build a better marriage. Guaranteed!

Now it’s Alison’s turn to share her experiences this week with you:

I am finding this course more and more informative. You really would think that after all this time together we would have little to learn. I find it very refreshing the way Francine and Byron take some of the stuff we have known for years and years (over the years we have done quite a few courses, weekends, days for our marriage) and give a new and energising slant to it.

Love Builders (when our spouse meets our specific Love Needs) fill our love tanks, Love Busters (when our spouse says or does things that make us feel unloved) drain our love tanks. Sounds easy right? But the challenge is to love how the other needs to be loved; to primarily fill our other’s love tank rather than our own and at the same time not undo all our good loving with some crazy Love Busters.

Now that’s a call to living for each other. That’s a call to being unselfish and putting each other first.

Our conversation is flowing more easily the further we get into the Marriage Kit and begin to openly express our thoughts to one another. The Marriage Kit is great because although we don’t have to do it together, much of the discussion centres around each other and so we do make the time to do it together. We have become Marriage Kit Buddies – and the conversations open up.

You’ve just gotta do it. Francine and Byron are not just entertaining, they really know their stuff and present lots of research and examples without being boring. Give it a go!

The Marriage Kit.

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