2006, 2021

Voice of Thanks – Simon Cowell Moved to Tears on America’s Got Talent

June 20th, 2021|

Gratitude now has a voice. We as fathers need to be encouraged to be thankful, so we can encourage our children to be the same. Thankful people are happy people. Thankful families are happy families. I even try to teach this to myself, but some things are better caught than taught! When my friend Mark Powell sent me the video below, I nearly leapt out of my skin with excitement. Mark had this to say: “This is one of the most moving videos you wil ...read more

205, 2021

Love You, Mum

May 2nd, 2021|

A mother makes a father, and a father makes a mother. Parenthood happens in unison. So, it goes without saying that Mums are incredibly priceless and vital, just as Dads are. So why don’t we value mothers more than we do? Studies and anecdotal eviden ...read more