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Heroes & Mentors

The great writer Ernest Hemingway said, “As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary”. I have found that to be true. Age does not diminish the need for heroes, they just become harder to find, but they are still necessary. Our children, especially when they are younger… Read More

My Hidden Secret

  I don’t know about your Christmas, but our family had a very enjoyable family gathering. Our whole family gets together immediately before Christmas to allow our family members to meet with their own or extended family on Christmas Day. We started this custom some years ago and it works for us. The good news… Read More

Star Wars & the Christmas Story

The cinema was packed, but we just had to see ‘The Last Jedi’ for ourselves. We were so fixated we took the last two seats in the front row.  The anticipation was building as the text scrolled across the star filled universe. In a galaxy far, far away, a story was about to unfold that… Read More

Make a Stand

“The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children”. These words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), a German academic and Christian minister, still ring true today. One of the reasons his words still live on is because Dietrich stood up for what he believed, and in doing so, paid the… Read More

EDITORS NOTE: Andrew Bolt a journalist with the Herald Sun has written an incisive article challenging the church and christian leaders to stand up and be counted or submit to the new Totalitarianism of Anti-christian hate speech, persecution and worse. He points out that if people of faith do not speak up for freedom, faith… Read More

Editors Note: This brilliant  Article by one of Australia's most highly regarded political journalists Paul Kelly Arguing the Good Effect of Christian Faith & Lamenting its loss appeared in the weekend edition of our Nation’s premier National newspaper on the 8th July 2017. I record it out here for your further interest. By Paul Kelly… Read More

Editors Note: Jennifer Oriel from the Australian has just written a brilliant article on the need for Christian values in Australia and western democracy.  Today I spoke to a colleague and we both agree that this article is the most lucid article on the subject we have ever seen. Faithless Australians May Lose More than… Read More

I first heard about a book called 'The Shack' from my good friend Phil Costar. Within a matter of weeks two people had told me that I just had to read 'The Shack'. It was something I resisted for a while. You see, I do a lot of reading but I don't read fiction. I… Read More

We celebrate Anzac Day on the 25 April to celebrate and honour the sacrifice of those who have fought for our country and those who still do.  But what has this got to do with being a father in the 21st century? Well I believe Anzac Day and in particular the story of Gallipoli is… Read More

Australia has produced some amazing war heroes but none so remarkable, or popular, as Fighting McKenzie from World War 1. Daniel Reynaud, author of the book ‘The Man the Anzacs Revered’ asked, “How did a wowser become an Anzac legend? And how did this legend become totally unknown today?” William McKenzie served in both Gallipoli… Read More