Australia Played a Small Part in the Teutonic Shift Towards LIFE in the Supreme Court in the USA

Recently I had the privilege of visiting the USA and meeting with key USA Prayer leaders and giving a Prayer Breakthrough Seminar at the Amerasian Centre for Prayer and Revival in Washington DC. It was a great joy to  meet with American intercessors, more

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Ball-tampering scandal: Lack of leadership spreads rot through the nation

Editors Note: Patrick Smiths hard hitting article in the Australian called "Ball-tampering scandal: Lack of leadership spreads rot through the nation" has more than a ring of truth about it and deserves to be read by more people. Hence we publish it more

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Jordan Peterson is preaching to a generation desperate to grow up

Editors Note: Please find a very insightful article by Luke Kinsella a Journalist from the Australian who provides a young mans perspective on why Jordan Petersen is so popular among the young men of the 21st Century. Jordan Peterson is preaching to more

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