My Father’s Son: Great New Book on Fathering by Wayne Alcorn

A schoolteacher asked her class, “What is Father’s Day?” A little boy raised his hand and said, “Miss, it’s just like Mother’s Day, except the presents are cheaper.”

That is the opening line of Wayne Alcorn’s blog. It gives you an insight into a man who is a highly regarded leader of men, but who has still retained his sense of humour.

Wayne knows that laughter is the best medicine. That’s why his writing and his speaking are punctuated with humour and engaging stories from his four decades of working with men.

Wayne Alcorn has recently released a new book, My Father’s Son. Sam Chand, international speaker and leadership consultant, speaking about Wayne’s new book, said, “My Father’s Son will make you laugh and cry at the same time, inspire and challenge you simultaneously.” I agree with Sam. It really is fantastic! See my video interview  with Wayne about his new book below.

Please find below another short excerpt from a Wayne Alcorn article called, “Who’s Got Your Back?

“I thought you were Ironman. I can’t believe this is you.”

These were the words of a junior staff member who watched me sob uncontrollably in my office. I couldn’t believe it was me either. I’d spent my entire adult life thinking that this type of crisis never happened to people like me. But it does … and it did.

Perhaps I should’ve seen it coming, but I was blindsided. That moment when I cracked was the culmination of a series of events and circumstances over a prolonged period of time. For once in my life, I felt like I was completely out of control…

This whole experience, however, started me on a journey of discovery to learn more about myself and what I need to keep going. I found a fresh resolve to never lose sight of the important things in life, like the joy and peace that come from having margins in your life. I’m also more motivated than ever to teach a new generation of leader’s important principles to avoid similar pitfalls.

It’s good to find moments to re-evaluate our lifestyle, our relationships, and our inner world, and then have the courage to make the necessary adjustments that will lead us to be healthier in every way.


If you are not from Australia, you may not be familiar with the concept of “mates”. Let me explain. They are special people — the “next-level friends” whom you fully trust. They are reliable. And they’ve got your back.

Our nation stops every year on April 25 to remember, with gratitude, the feats and sacrifices of a group of people known as the ANZACS (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Brave men and women like these ANZAC soldiers have, through our short history, punched above their weight in theatres of war.

In doing so, they have not only protected our nation, but have liberated others, despite often being outnumbered and under-resourced. When you examine the ANZAC culture, you come to realise what motivates and strengthens our servicemen and women. The stated ANZAC values are endurance, courage, ingenuity, good humour and mateship. To face the battles of life with a trusted mate at your side is a game-changer compared with facing tough times alone.

We’ve all got battles. We’ve all got an enemy of some sort that we need to beat. While some are evident, others exist in our internal world. Regardless, my message is simple: Don’t fight alone.

We all need someone who has our back, supports and encourages us. This leaves us all with questions that demand an answer:

  • Who are you encouraging at the moment?
  • Who is encouraging you?
  • Who is holding you accountable for those life-defining decisions you made?

None of us are superheroes. We’re human. We’ll all face challenges that we can’t overcome on our own. Defeat is not an option. May God make us aware of those armour-bearers that are already in our world, and give us the wisdom and humility to invite them into our life and mission.


You can see why I am so excited that Wayne Alcorn will be one of our speakers at the Men’s Leadership Summit. There are two ways to get ahold of a copy of My Father’s Son:

Register for the Men’s Leadership Summit from 9-11 August and you will receive a FREE copy.

Secondly, you can buy your own copy from Koorong here.

Readers are leaders. Whatever you decide to do, you can take some inspiration from Wayne Alcorn’s wisdom.

Yours for Good Mates,
Warwick Marsh

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