Jordan Peterson’s Latest Bolt of Truth

Jordan Peterson issues a fresh challenge to men, to follow their highest impulses and become the strong husbands and fathers they are meant to be; to find and fulfil their purpose in life, in service to the community and the world.

I first wrote about Jordan Peterson on 18 February 2018 after his breakthrough interview with Kathy Newman about his new book, 12 Rules for Life. That interview reached 7 million viral views in 4 weeks on YouTube. It was a major breakthrough for the men’s movement. Nothing like that had happened before.

At the time I wrote, “Every now and then a moment comes when someone fires a bolt of truth into the mayhem of modern culture and the repercussions are felt around the world, in a good way!”

Jordan Peterson is still firing bolts of truth into the culture and arguably becoming more truthful all the time, much to the pain of those who hate him.

Jordan Peterson’s Kathy Newman interview is now sitting at 38 million views and his 3-year-old British GQ interview is sitting at a stunning 54 million views. His own YouTube channel has over 400 million views and he has written a number of best-selling books besides.

Jordan has joined forces with the Daily Wire, founded by Ben Shapiro, but still he shows no sign of slowing down.

Watch this message to men called, “Wake Up, It’s Time” by Jordan Peterson, created by one of the many channels run by admirers of Mr Peterson. These channels alone must have over a billion views between them. Jordan is reaching the world.


Jordan Peterson’s recent courageous video called “Doctors and Psychotherapists: Butchers and Liars”, a much-needed expose of the rapacious gender-change industry, has reached over 1.7 million views in a month. The man, true to form, shows no sign of stopping.

On 13 July he released a YouTube message to Christian churches, which is more a message to men than anything else. Read this portion below and make up your own mind.

“Our young people face a demoralisation that is perhaps unparalleled. This is particularly true of young men. Although anything that devastates young men will eventually do the same to young women and that, in this era of anti-natalism and equally reprehensible nihilism is precisely the point.

When they are children, boys are hectored for their toy preferences, which often include toy weapons such as guns, and their more boisterous playing style as boys require active rough and tumble play, even more than girls, for whom it is also a necessity.

When in grade school, boys are admonished, shamed and controlled in a very similar manner by those who think that play is unnecessary, particularly if it is competitive and who value a docile, harmless obedience above all. Shades of Dolores Umbridge.

Following all that, because that is not enough, even when pursued assiduously for total demoralisation, is the inculcation of an extremely damaging ideology which essentially consists of three accusations:

  1. Human culture, particularly in the West, is best construed as an oppressive patriarchy motivated by the desire, willingness and the ability to use power (defined as the compulsion of others against their will) to attain what are purely selfish and self-serving ends…
  1. The second accusation is that human activity, particularly that undertaken in the West, is fundamentally a planet despoiling enterprise. The human race is a threat to the ecological utopia that existed before us and could hypothetically exist after us in our absence…
  1. The third accusation. The prime contributor to the tyranny that makes up the oppressive patriarchy and structures all of our social interactions past and present and the unforgiveable despoiling of our beloved mother earth is damnable male ambition, competitive and dominating, power-mad, selfish, exploitative, raping and pillaging.

You might think that I am overstating the case. Think again, Sunshine.

We in the West are facing an all-out assault at the deepest levels on what the old joker Jaques Derrida deemed the phallogocentric conceptual structure of civilisation.

This is an attack on civilisation itself. To further explain: that is a society centred on the encouraging, adventurous masculine spirit and that privileges, that hated word of all things, the Divine Logos.

(Let me speak directly to my deconstructionist friends.) What should we worship and celebrate properly other than that, deconstructionists?

Should we worship the words of that mass murderer Karl Marx?

It is precisely those young men who are deeply conscientious, capable of guilt and regret, who have come to believe, in pain, that every deep impulse that moves them out into the world for the adventure of their life — even that impulse drawing them to women — is nothing but the manifestation of the spirit that is essentially satanic in nature.

This is not only wrong theologically, morally, psychologically, practically and scientifically. It is literally anti-true. It is not a mere misstatement about the nature of reality, a minor conceptual error, but something that could not be further from the truth.

Something that distant from the truth comes from a place that cannot be distinguished from Hell…

Young men, you have a woman to find, a garden to walk in, a family to nurture, an ark to build, a land to conquer, a ladder to heaven to build and the utter terrible catastrophe of life to face stalwartly, in truth, devoted to love and without fear…

Invite the young men back and say (literally) to those young men: “You are welcome here. If no one else wants what you have to offer, we do.

We want to call you to the highest purpose of your life. We want your time and energy and your effort and your will and your goodwill.

We want to work with you to make things better, to produce life more abundant for you, your wife and children and for your community and your country and the world.

Watch Jordan’s 10-minute video here in full.


Jordan Peterson’s message of encouragement to men inspired the Dads4Kids team to extend the deadline for the Men’s Leadership Summit to this coming Wednesday at midnight. Your Lovework assignment this week is to let your friends know about the upcoming Men’s Leadership Summit, 26-28 August 2022.

Men need encouragement. The Men’s Leadership Summit is a great place to get it.

Yours for Encouragement for Men,
Warwick Marsh

I encourage you to join us at the Men’s Leadership Summit, at the Tops Conference Centre on the weekend of 26-28 August 2022.


First published at Dads4Kids. Image: Success Chasers/YouTube

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