International Men’s Day is a Defence for Men and Women

International Men’s Day is more relevant than ever. Celebrating this important day is the key, not just to defending men – but women, children and families as well.

In two weeks we will mark International Men’s Day, on Friday 19th November. So why should we celebrate International Men’s Day?

The Revolution is Here

Ten years ago, its celebration was an optional extra. But today, we are fighting for the very notion of manhood and womanhood. Now we must celebrate both male and female with renewed vigour or face the complete destruction of even the memory of men and women!

Annihilating men and women will destroy our children’s future. George Orwell’s memory hole machine is alive and well in 2021.


Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty Four (written in 1949) has become eerily prophetic today in more ways than one. Cancel Culture has become to toxic that it is now even cancelling Cancel Culture!

This is the pattern found in totalitarian revolutionary movements throughout history. In the French Revolution, the first crop of idealistic revolutionaries in 1789–94 was, within five years, taken to the guillotine by the new crop of revolutionaries.

The same thing happened under dictator Chairman Mao in China’s 1966-76 Cultural Revolution. We can also see parallels with what happened in Russia under Stalin’s purges and Hitler’s reign of terror. Germany’s 1934 night of the long knives is, of course, a prime example.

Sadly, our history – both past and present – confirms the old adage that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. 

The Beauty of Male and Female

So why am I so committed to making a stand for men and women? Some may consider me an ideologue. In truth, I am anything but an ideologue. 

In my youth, I was indeed a radical left-wing ideologue. Today, like Jordan Peterson, I hate blind ideology of any persuasion.

I am much more of a pragmatist now, with a strong commitment to scientific laws, natural law and spiritual reality. In other words, I support things that work and make sense and are built on good moral foundations.


Manhood and womanhood are fixed biological realities. Men and women, in their complementarity, are the very foundation and wellspring of recorded human history.

Moreover, I believe there is something profoundly spiritual about the masculine and the feminine: they are a beautiful mystery beyond human telling.

That is why I am so thankful for Jordan Peterson’s defence of men and women in general. I am especially thankful for his support and advocacy of responsible manhood. His central message for men is you must take responsibility for your life and your manhood.

In our current entitlement age, this revolutionary message creates revolutionary results for men and women.

A Story of Redemption

The incredibly beneficial results of Jordan’s simple message can be found below in a story from his new best-selling book, Beyond Order – 12 More Rules for Life.

I visited a restaurant in Toronto with my wife, son and daughter while writing this. As I made my way to my party’s table, a young waiter asked if he might say a few words to me. He told me that he had been watching my videos, listening to my podcasts and reading my book, and that he had, in consequence, changed his attitude toward his comparatively lower-status (but still useful and necessary) job.

He had ceased criticising what he was doing or himself for doing it, deciding instead to be grateful and seek out whatever opportunities presented themselves right there before him. He made up his mind to become more diligent and reliable and to see what would happen if he worked as hard at it as he could. He told me, with an uncontrived smile, that he had been promoted three times in six months.

The young man had come to realise that every place he might find himself in had more potential than he might first see (particularly when his vision was impaired by the resentment and cynicism he felt from being near the bottom). After all, it is not as if the restaurant is a simple place – and this was part of an extensive national organisation, a large, high-quality chain. 

To do a good job in such a place, servers must get along with the cooks, who are by universal recognition a formidably troublesome and tricky lot. They must also be polite and engaging with customers. They have to pay attention constantly. They must adjust to highly varying workloads – the rushes and dead times that inevitably accompany the life of a server. They have to show up on time, sober and awake. 

They must treat their superiors with the proper respect and do the same for those – such as the dishwashers – below them in the structure of authority. And if they do all these things, and happen to be working in a functional institution, they will soon render themselves difficult to replace. Customers, colleagues and superiors alike will begin to react to them in an increasingly positive manner. 

Doors that would otherwise remain closed to them – even invisible – will be opened. Furthermore, the skills they acquire will prove eminently portable, whether they continue to rise in the hierarchy of restaurateurs, decide instead to further their education, or change their career trajectory completely (in which case they will leave with laudatory praise from their previous employers and vastly increased chances of discovering the next opportunity).

As might be expected, the young man who had something to say to me was thrilled with what had happened to him. His status concerns had been solidly and realistically addressed by his rapid career advance, and the additional money he was making did not hurt either. He had accepted, and therefore transcended, his role as a beginner.

He had ceased being casually cynical about the place he occupied in the world and the people who surrounded him and accepted the structure and the position he was offered.

He started to see possibility and opportunity, where before he was blinded, essentially, by his pride.

He stopped denigrating the social institution he found himself part of and began to play his part properly. And that increment in humility paid off in spades.


We celebrate International Men’s Day, not just because of a specific ideology about men, but rather because we need to honour both men and women for the greater good of all. That’s why this year, the theme is Better Relations between Men and Women. 

This year, plan now to celebrate International Men’s Day on Friday 19th November. Our children need positive male role models.

Yours for Men and Women,

Warwick Marsh

Image by Jimmy Dean at Unsplash.

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Warwick Marsh has been married to Alison Marsh since 1975; they have five children and nine grandchildren, and he and his wife live in Wollongong in NSW, Australia. He is a family and faith advocate, social reformer, musician, TV producer, writer and public speaker.

Warwick is a leader in the Men’s and Family Movement, and he is well-known in Australia for his advocacy for children, marriage, manhood, family, fatherhood and faith. Warwick is passionate to encourage men to be great fathers and to know the greatest Father of all. The Father in Whom “there is no shadow of turning.”

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