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September 2018

The Challenge

We stepped into the gym office where my wife and I work out most mornings between 6AM and 7Am. The young vivacious 22 year old gym instructor was visibly shaken so we asked her what was the matter? She poured out her tale of woe. Mary (not her real name) is a fourth year trainee… Read More

Scott Morrison speech: I believe in a fair go for all Australians (Pray for Rain) Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivers his Menzies Research address as Simon Birmingham, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, Kelly O'Dwyer and Mathias Cormann look on at the Mirambeena Community Centre in Albury, NSW today. Rachel Baxendale 2:54PM September 6, 2018 Scott Morrison has… Read More

Today we give you advance notice of an exciting development with Dads4Kids. As a faithful reader/subscriber to the weekly blog we also want to give you access to a very special introductory offer, but more about that later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Q9ouCwDDw The Courageous Online Fathering Course is being officially released today, Sunday 23 September 2018. The team… Read More

Presence Based Parenting

Life is a journey. So is being a Dad. I know so much more now than I did when my children were young, but I am still learning. People often say, “How did you raise such great children?” My wife and I look at each other with a look of amazement because we both know… Read More

The Power of Love

In 1952 Albert Einstein was asked by a Princeton doctoral student what was left in the world for original dissertation on research? Einstein replied, “Find out about prayer!” I certainly agree with Einstein, but I would also say, “Do some research and find out about the ‘power of love’.” In our modern society we know… Read More

Imitating Dad

Some time ago I was sitting eating with dinner with my family and enjoying their company. We had a young woman staying with us so I asked her how our home was different to the one she was raised in. She said with a sigh, “We hardly ever ate our dinner at the table. Mostly… Read More

Adventure with Dad

Just this morning I walked out my driveway at 6AM to go down to the Gym with my wife and I found a dead black snake in our front driveway near the road. It was only a baby about 400mm long and I felt quite sorry for it. Seeing the poor deceased baby snake made… Read More

Say I Love You

Happy Father’s Day! We at Dads4Kids salute you for your unswerving commitment to being a Dad. See below the 60 sec version of this year’ Father’s Day community service announcement which is now playing on the following stations across Australia: SEVEN Network, NBN Newcastle, Prime 7, Southern Cross, Imparja, WIN TV, Australian Christian Channel, SBS… Read More