Dare to Discipline

The title of this week’s Dad4Kids newsletter is taken from Dr James Dobson’s ground-breaking book “The New Dare to Discipline” recently republished in 2014. It was originally published in the 70s. I did read parts of the book in the early eighties bu ...read more

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Champion Fathers

Many years ago, my wife and I travelled to the USA to meet with fatherhood and family leaders. We met Dr Ken Canfield in Los Angeles, the founder of the world’s first major Fathering Centre. We also met with Brian Molitor, Michigan, of the Malachi Gl ...read more

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Investing in Love

I remember the day, many years ago, the door closed on our last meeting with the insolvency accountant. The sort of meeting you don’t really want to have if you can avoid it. We had just lost everything we had ever worked for, except for a few person ...read more

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Stamp of Love

They say that there are two things you can be sure of in life – death and taxes. Most of us run from them both for good reason. Death is the scary one, but I guess one gets more used to the idea the older one gets. But it still seems to catch us by s ...read more

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