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May 2017

Chatting with my good friend Steve Blizard of Roxburgh Securities, who has worked hard to build a successful investment advisory company, he said something very profound to me as we compared notes about people we had met over the years, “You know Warwick, I am deeply suspicious of men who are all about themselves and… Read More

One of the great benefits of being involved in the men and father’s movement is that I am exposed to many men who are able to think and feel from the heart. In our comatose society reading the writings of such men is like drinking from a cool well on a hot day. One such… Read More

Finding My Mother

My good friend Steve Blizzard sent me this amazing story. It’s Mother’s Day today so it is more than appropriate to share it.  You might be able to help Ryan in his quest. Check out Ryan’s YouTube plea. Kirrily Schwarz article is extremely well written so I will let her tell the story. Ryan Jon… Read More

Value Mothers

You and I have something in common. We were once babies and we each had a mother. Having a baby is hard work. Looking after a baby once you’ve had it is even harder. I have 5 children and my wife has worked very hard looking after them. I wish I could say the same… Read More