Fathers Tales

Elizabeth Svoboda, the author of What Makes a Hero says, “New research is lending texture and credence to what generations of story tellers have known in their bones – that books, poems, movies and real life stories can affect the way we think and ev ...read more

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New Dads4Kids Adverts

Putting together the Dads4Kids Community Service Announcements is always an exciting time for me. It is an honour to film fathers in their natural habitat with their children. It is both an inspiring and humbling experience for me. The previous TV ad ...read more

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Fire and Rain

Each week I try to be encouraging, but real. The trouble is the ‘real’ part has a way of whacking you in the side of the face when you least expect it. Many men have been whacked so many times that they just don’t want to get up off the floor and som ...read more

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Championship Fathering

Several years ago my wife and went on a family research trip to the USA. It was a rich experience on many levels. Firstly, from video footage shot on the trip, we created our first documentary on marriage and fatherhood called the Marriage Revolution ...read more

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