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July 2016

Dare to Discipline

The title of this week’s Dad4Kids newsletter is taken from Dr James Dobson’s ground breaking book Dare to Dicipline which was published in 1976. I did read parts of the book in the early eighties but I had already formed my opinions on the need for proper boundaries and discipline for children, even before I… Read More

Stamp of a Fathers Love

They say that there are two things you can be sure of in life – death and taxes. Most of us run from them both for good reason. Death is the scary one, but I guess one gets more used to the idea the older they get. But it still seems to catch us by… Read More

Humble Hope

We racked our brains for weeks without a breakthrough! We knew we had a good story, but we didn’t know what to call it. Getting the name of your child right is important, but so is the name of a high impact life changing documentary. Once you have a name, you are usually stuck with… Read More

The High Price of Success

In 2009 we flew into USA on the day of Michael Jackson’s memorial service on the 7th July. It was a surreal feeling. There was a sadness on the plane that it was hard to put your finger on. Looking back I suspect many on that flight were actually going to the memorial service. Michael… Read More

Five Myths of Fatherhood

We are constantly bombarded about fatherhood and family myths by a media who live by the maxim, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”. The end result? - the exotic and the statically minor always grab the headlines. The stories of the ordinary fathers who are providing, nurturing and caring… Read More

1,807 Lives Saved

Before talking more about the fact that we believe Dads4Kids has saved the lives of 1,807 men over the last eight years, here's a quick update on our progress toward the matching challenge of $23,000 ... ... We're five days into the week-long matching period and we are about three quarters of the way to… Read More

Amazing Dads

I have a very close friend who is the managing director and part owner of a large software company with about 80 employees. Although a very busy man he is also a very committed dad, all at the same time. I was invited to his surprise 40th birthday party. His T-shirt said it all, “The… Read More