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June 2016

Keeping Love Alive

Some time ago I received a request to speak at a Fair Divorce Forum at a local Leagues Club in Wollongong. When I first received this invitation, my inclination was to 'not accept' because I don't believe that divorce can be fair. Life is not fair and neither is love. My good friend Jeff Dakers… Read More

War on Our Children

We live in an increasingly bizarre world which is at War with itself, The war has been against women and mothers in particular. The war has shifted over the last several decades to be against men and fathers. Increasingly this war is being waged against our children too as this disturbing War on Our Children… Read More

No Man Can take Dads Place

Brendan Hayward is a brave young man who is again baring his soul to all my blog readers to help them understand how important they are to their children. I shared his story many years ago but good stories are worth repeating. Good stories that inspire give us all hope as fathers to "keep on… Read More

Giving Life Meaning

Next Saturday, 28 May 2016, we celebrate Australia's thirteenth National Day of Thanks.  It is a day we can use to say 'thank you' to those around us. I am thankful to say that I have been privileged to be part of this national celebration from its early beginnings. For over almost two decades I… Read More

Learning from Our Children

Music is a wonderful gift.  It can transport you to places you would never normally go.  You might say that I am a little biased, having spent half my life as a musician, songwriter and producer.  Some time ago, at a marriage retreat my wife and I attended, I heard heavenly music playing in the… Read More