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April 2016

Mothers are Important

You don’t appreciate your own parents until you have your own children. The famous native-American quote comes to mind, “Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins”. Maybe we could change the quote for Mother’s Day to something like this, “Don’t complain about your mother until you have changed two… Read More

As I looked down the road into the sun, I saw the silhouettes of a man and a woman walking side by side. The man held a young two year old boy in his arms. The young boy reached and called out for his Mummy. Maybe I got it wrong though, because the next moment… Read More

Love & Discipline

Editors Note: This is guest post from Ben Pratt good friend and a devoted father of four and adoring husband of the most beautiful woman in the world.   I love my family. Every day since my wife and I got married, I have told her that I love her. Every day since my children… Read More

Dads Joys

We as Dads have to savour the moments. My friend and devoted father, Greg McInerney, describes these moments; for example, your 8 year old daughter “at the end of the game when she sneaks in a hug, all your dad DNA does a happy dance too”. I call these moments “Dad’s Joys”. Greg calls them… Read More

A Revolutionary Act

I will always remember the day in 2003 I took a leading UK feminist, Adrienne Burgess, to federal parliament in Canberra to meet with feminist parliamentarians in the Labor Party.  Adrienne Burgess, whilst a former hard-line Trotskyist, had realised the deep need for a renewal of fatherhood in western society. She was so profoundly convinced… Read More

A Revolutionary Act

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