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January 2016

Love Laugh Listen Learn

Phil Baker an author from Western Australia, was addressing a large group of high profile community leaders. He told them that if they really wanted to affect the community, they had to 'stop being so boring'. Many of his audience were quite shocked at his comments. The same goes for us as fathers. We have… Read More

Wise Men and Sages

Last week I wrote about the stages of the masculine journey. John Eldredge released his book, 'The Way of the Wild at Heart - a map for the masculine journey' in 2006 and it will go down in history as a must have book about manhood just like "Iron John." The “Way of the Wild… Read More

Journey into Manhood

The fact that manhood is a journey is not a new concept. Ancient civilisations recognised the various stages of the masculine journey for many thousands of years and the importance of having an initiation into manhood ceremony. In fact every tribal society in the world has a male rite of passage ceremony built into its… Read More

Fathers Changing the World

'Pinkie and the Brain' is one of my favourite cartoons. I used to watch it with my kids when they were young, and I don't know who loved it more, me or them (but I won't tell anyone if you don't). http://youtu.be/GBkT19uH2RQ 'Pinkie and the Brain' is the story of two enhanced laboratory mice. Wikipedia… Read More