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December 2015

New Year – New Start

New Year’s Day signals a chance for you to break with the past and start afresh. This is a day to be finished with discouragement from any past failure as a father and husband and move on to higher ground. The trouble is, this is always easier said than done. Your failures as a father… Read More

Christmas Joy

Christmas is a great time of the year for our families and particularly for our children. I remember as a ten year old boy, the year seemed to last forever before Christmas arrived. The lead up to Christmas went excruciatingly slow. Psychologists acknowledge that time does go quicker as you age. For me, the big… Read More

Repentance is greatly under valued in the modern church world. Identificational repentance even more so and yet repentance was the message that laid the foundation for the operation of the power of God in the New Testament. The message of John the Baptist was "repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand."Jesus message was… Read More

Dads Our Children Can Count On

Australia is the best country in the world. I know that Alison and I are biased, but we say that every time we come home from an overseas trip, and it gets truer every time. We had an exciting journey as we met with family and fatherhood leaders in the USA, Europe and Asia. I… Read More

Moments that Matter

Don’t go lookin’ through that old camphor box, woman You know those old things only make you cry When you dream upon that little bunny rug It makes me think that life has passed you by There are days when you wish the world would stop, woman But then you know some wounds would never… Read More