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November 2015

International Men’s Day

It’s always an interesting thing, gauging how much people engage with an issue or an idea. Sometimes you’d think that one thing would be wildly popular and it flops, other times you think it’s an absolute stinker, yet it grabs people’s attention and becomes a runaway success. This is especially true on the internet, a… Read More

Saying Sorry

It’s interesting the things that come to mind when you’re busy with life. Recently I was looking after my four children at home (the eldest is almost seven, the youngest is not yet two) and I had to break up an argument. It was your typical “he said, she said, he did, she did” sort… Read More

What is a man?

It’s here! International Men’s Day is the 19th of November this year, and it’s a day when men across the world are encouraged to speak up about issues that affect men. There’s no shortage of topics to discuss; from lower life expectancy and a higher suicide rate than women, to unfair treatment in separation and… Read More

Health for the Long Haul

As I was putting together the Newsletter this week and trying to work out what to talk about in Warwick’s absence, lo and behold an article shows up about the town of Warwick in Southern Queensland, where they’ll be holding a breakfast later this month to talk about men’s health and fatherhood. It must be… Read More

Salute La Familia

Someone asked me what I personally thought the highlight was for the World Congress of Families IX (WCF9), Salt Lake City, Utah. My answer is simple. Meeting people who are passionate for building the best future for our children. Our children do best when raised by a married mother and father. Thousands of studies show… Read More