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October 2015

Top Secrets of Being a Great Dad

Guest blog by Kevin Bailey We all want to be a great example to our children. No new father ever sets out to deliberately lead their child astray but sometimes our weaknesses get in the way of our aspirations. If we are to be any use to our children we have to learn to pick… Read More

Staying in Love

William Shakespeare, speaking about marital love between a man and a woman, said "Love is a many splendored thing." He is regarded as the best poet and playwright of all recorded history. William Shakespeare lived in the 1500s but scientists are just finding out today that he knew what he was talking about.   The… Read More

My Hero

Running the recent Dads4Kids Instagram Photo Competition has been one of the most rewarding and emotional experiences of my life. Probably most of the photos were taken while dads spent time with their children. However many of the shots were taken in order to enter the competition - precisely the point of the exercise. The… Read More

Ending the Violence

People, especially the media, are happy to talk about problems. Bad news sells! But very few people, especially the media, are happy to talk about the answers to domestic violence. Miranda Devine went to the heart of the problem in an article recently called Demonising Men Won’t Stop Domestic Violence: It is a grim portent… Read More