Moments of Love

The mission of Dads4Kids is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, committed and loving fathers.

You might well ask the question, “How do we do this?”

This is a question the team at Dads4Kids asks themselves every day. Simply put, we have to inspire more love in the fathers we connect with.

Again you ask, “How do you inspire fathers to commit to a life time of love for their children?” The answer is simple: You have to break the task down into bit size pieces. To create a lifetime of love, you have to create more moments of love.

When Adam Bossyi, the young surfer Dad, approached me to get Dads4Kids on to Instagram, I knew we were on to something big. Something that could go viral and something that could inspire a lot of fathers. My videographer Sam, Adam and I came up with the idea of a Dads4Kids Instagram Photo Competition which, considering Instagram is all about photos, was a no-brainer. The $1,000 prize money is the inspiration for recording the ‘moments of love’ between dads and their children.

The good news is that with only 11 days to go on the competition and 862 entries so far we have inspired 86,200 people or more in the fine art of excellence in fathering.

Becoming a loving father is indeed a fine art, and is impossible to command, but it is an issue of the heart! I would encourage anyone who wants some inspiration to join Instagram (it’s FREE) just to scroll the 862 entries and read the heartfelt captions (search #dads4kids).

Every picture tells a story. Every story told will inspire some dad somewhere to go for gold for his kids. The viral effect of this is hard to measure as well. Love has a funny way of spreading.

Let me share three of these wonderful photos, and the captions, with you so that you can be inspired too.

The photos and stories speak for themselves.

Frontline 1
When it comes to Dads, this guy takes the cake. Father of 9 & grandfather of 2. For the most part, he fills the role of mum and dad for us. He’s the one who puts on all the family dinners and get-togethers, takes us travelling, teaches us everything we know, and never misses an important moment in our lives. He’s the one we all call when we have problems or just need to talk. He’s always taken us girls clothes shopping and known how to do our hair. He’s always behind the camera to capture those special moments for us whether it be scout camp, swimming carnivals, horse riding, birthday parties, or just us all having afternoon tea together. He stays up late through the night working from home so he can be there during the day to pick the kids up from school and take them swimming. He hasn’t had things easy. Most people couldn’t imagine being a parent and having one of your children diagnosed with cancer. But through it all he has always put his kids first. Mums always get a lot of recognition in the world, but this guy is our everything and we couldn’t imagine where we’d be without him. #dads4kids

Frontline 2
Just after we got married we lost a baby, which then followed a very hard and painful time, feeling the depths of emptiness is something i will never forget , what followed was the blessing of the most amazing little boy and the start of our journey into parenthood ? #dads4kids

Frontline 3
plo.web.hdrFather and son
On a road trip up the mountain during the Christmas holidays, son spots an abandoned shack and is fascinated by it. Father decides to stop and explore the shack. If you ask son what he got for Christmas that year, he can’t recall. He you ask him what he recalls about the mountain trip, he will tell you in great detail and enthusiasm about exploring the shack with his dad. Gifts don’t compare with spending time with a child. #dads4kids


Three inspiring stories and three pictures, that are worth a thousand words, to inspire you in the noble art of excellence in fathering. What more can I say but, Turn the moments into a lifetime and make sure it is a lifetime of love. You can do it!

Yours for more Moments of Love
Warwick Marsh

PS. Only 11 days to go to get your entry in, or to tell your friends about the Dads4Kids Instagram Photo Competition.

Both the photo and the caption or the story behind the photograph are important but the inspirational and creative impact of the photo is paramount. To enter the competition you must follow @dads4kids on Instagram and then post your photos to Instagram and #dads4kids to enter. You can enter as many times as you would like up to midnight on Wednesday 30 September 2015. The Dads4Kids Instagram Photo Competition is open to all fathers who are residents of Australia.

For more information and competition rules and guidelines click here:

Our simple goal is to create more moments of love for our children.

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Warwick Marsh has been married to Alison Marsh since 1975; they have five children and nine grandchildren, and he and his wife live in Wollongong in NSW, Australia. He is a family and faith advocate, social reformer, musician, TV producer, writer and public speaker.

Warwick is a leader in the Men’s and Family Movement, and he is well-known in Australia for his advocacy for children, marriage, manhood, family, fatherhood and faith. Warwick is passionate to encourage men to be great fathers and to know the greatest Father of all. The Father in Whom “there is no shadow of turning.”

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