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April 2015

The Battle Field of Life

It’s been an inspiring week for me in more ways than one. I was one of more than 2 million people who attended a Dawn Service on Anzac Day. All over Australia records were broken. The Canberra War Memorial Dawn Service had 120,000 people attend, three times the number of last year. That means that… Read More

A Day to Remember

This coming Saturday marks the Anzac Centenary, which in more ways than one is ‘A Day to Remember’. The Centenary marks one hundred years of remembering our fathers who went off to war. Many did not return and many who did spent a life time recovering from the memory of the horrors of war. Anzac… Read More

The Need for Adventure

I just rang a friend who is going around Australia on a 4 and half month adventure with his family. They are just about to cross the Nullarbor Plain which contains the longest straight stretch (146.6 km) of road between Balladonia and Caiguna in the world. He and his wife, along with his 9 and… Read More

Well all good things this side of heaven must come to an end. What did we learn in the last module of the Marriage Kit, Module 5 “From Me to We”? What do we think of the online Marriage Kit? I will let Alison answer first: Alison: Initially I was surprised that Francine and Byron… Read More

Reason for Hope

I sometimes look at what is happening in the world and I get pretty depressed. Sometimes I question even the value of our work at Dads4Kids. It seems our world is hell-bent on total annihilation. The attacks on fatherhood and motherhood are growing at an alarming rate and no one blinks an eyelid. Anyone who… Read More