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March 2015

Alison: Francine & Byron have excelled in this module. Although we personally know this amazing couple, we have never yet done one of their marriage courses – until now! So we have no idea if they have always produced such thought provoking material. One of our highlights from this module was their insights on ‘Desire… Read More

One of the biggest family holidays of the year is coming up this next weekend. It is a long weekend with a purpose. Our Easter holidays start on Good Friday (originally known as God Friday), going through Saturday to Easter Sunday with an extra Monday thrown in for good measure. Yes, we will all have… Read More

Alison: Here is a joke about marriage education I remembered: My wife and I went to a Marriage Workshop last week: I worked She shopped. The Marriage Kit continues to widen and deepen my long education on marriage (40 years this year!). Module 3 is all about communication but it’s titled, “Let’s Talk”. How appropriate… Read More

Love Actually

The joke that our photo and humour editor, Ron Hellyer, posted in the laughter section the other week sure put a smile on my face. I am equally sure that the vast majority of men who read our newsletter each week would also be able to smile and say, “I know that man”. No names… Read More

The Marriage Kit just gets better and better. The Love Tank is getting seriously full. This type of online course really works for marriage couples because you can do it together. Love Deconstructed, the title of the second module of the Marriage Kit is full of interesting information. The interactive questions provoke some very deep… Read More

Love Grows the Brain

Steve Biddulph says, ‘love grows the brain’. Steve is right but love is one of those commodities that is in desperately short supply in the homes that many children inhabit. Currently one in three marriages fail. The rate is higher for second and third marriages. People say that kids are better off when unhappy parents… Read More

Investing in Love

This week Alison and I completed part one of a five week marriage called The Marriage Kit by Dr Byron & Francine Pirola . . . and you know what? It works! Every year we have always tried to find a course or a seminar to do to fortify our marriage. As Andre Maurois said… Read More