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February 2015

Family Rules are important, but there are some that I regret. Years ago I made a rule about my own conduct, hoping that others (hint, hint) who were then 10, 8, 6, and 3 would follow my family rule. My daughter had not yet been born. The rule was: public offence means public apology. This… Read More

The Art of Slowing Down

Adam Sandler is a very funny man, but can be a bit rough around the edges for my liking. Alas, so is much of modern comedy. The movie 'Click' is Sandler to a tee. Happy Gilmore move over. Acerbic, sharp, funny and pushing the boundaries of humour (often in the wrong direction) this movie is… Read More

Braving the Blizzards of Love

Morgan Freeman's words boomed out across the cinema," This is a story about love, and like most love stories, it begins with utter foolishness." What were we watching? The latest remake of 'Gone with the Wind', or a romantic version of 'Pride and Prejudice'? No, not exactly. My wife and I were snuggling up together… Read More

In a matter of days we celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending a card to the love of our life, buying flowers, chocolates or a host of other things to ‘prove’ our love for our one true love. Some people hate the rampant commercialism whilst others among us go along for the ride. I myself think… Read More