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January 2015

Manhood Matters

Manvotionals is the title of a book that grips you right away if your passion is to be a good father and husband. Every man knows that to be a good father you must first become a good man. Manhood matters, but herein lies the challenge. That is where Brett and Kate McKay’s book Manvotionals… Read More

Sins of the Father

Stafano Guazzo said, "Among all the abuses of the world . . . there is none worse than a negligent father". The scriptures say, "The sins of the father go down to the third and fourth generation". When fathers go right, families go right. When fathers go wrong families go wrong. The results can be… Read More

Home For Dinner

Home for Dinner is a new book by Anne Fishel that will change your life if you read it. That is a pretty bold statement from a guy who has not read the book yet but I have got my order in. I ordered my own copy after reading Anne’s brilliant article called “Science Says… Read More

Higher Call

War stories have always caught my attention, especially manly acts of courage and chivalry. Maybe others feel like me and that is why the Art of Manliness featured Adam Makos, the writer of ‘A Higher Call’ in a recent podcast with a fuller story about the book on their blog. Alison, my wife, knowing how… Read More

Sun Tzu was the general of an army in ancient China in 600 BC. I have heard about his writings for over 30 years. This Christmas I received a copy of the Art of War by Sun Tzu. It was exciting to read the book for myself for the first time. Many would argue he… Read More