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November 2014


I have been receiving calls from all over the country from happy men and even more joyful wives. The last batch of the 10 week ‘Good to Great Fathering Courses’ are finishing up for the year and I am enjoying the stories of ‘Transformanation’ coming from the men who have completed the fathering course. Let… Read More

The Other Glass Ceiling

International Men’s Day 2014 has just been celebrated this week on 19 November. It has been the most successful International Men’s Day ever in regards  to broad media attention. Typically India really takes the lead as far as media commentary goes. It was an Indian man Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, in Trinidad, who started the day… Read More

The Father Factor

In 1981 I became involved in the men’s movement more by accident than by design. That happy “accident” was one of the best things that happened to me. I started going to men’s groups, men’s weekends and listening to men talk about fatherhood and manhood. I started reading books on manhood, fatherhood, marriage and family… Read More

International Mens Day 2014

It is that time of year again and we are getting emails from all over the world. Yes, it’s International Men’s Day on 19 November 2014. Why should we be getting emails? Well, Dads4Kids has been and still is the digital driving force behind International Men’s Day. The team behind Dads4Kids registered www.internationalmensday.com  on 13… Read More

The Wound Runs Deep

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” could well apply to the team behind the formation of Dads4Kids. Our dream was simply to encourage, resource and inspire dads to be the best fathers in the world for their children. Such projects are easier said than done, but nothing could have prepared us for the… Read More