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October 2014

Stories That Touch the Heart

  Sometimes, when you read a book, it is just a story. Other times the story reaches out and grabs you with both hands and touches your heart. That's what the book 'Twice Adopted' by Michael Reagan © 2004, Broadman & Holman, Nashville USA, did to me when I read it. Mike is the adopted… Read More

Communication Overload

We live in an age of astonishing scientific and technological development that has given human beings an amazing number of ways to communicate. However it could be argued that real communication is taking place less and less. Concurrently we are facing an unprecedented explosion of knowledge but it could be argued that we now know… Read More

Living Letters

We are all living letters to our children, and our children’s children. This really came through to me at a Fatherhood Success Seminar I recently conducted in Coffs Harbour, NSW. One of the dads at the seminar shared with the group about the 250 letters that his father had written to his mother and brothers… Read More

When my wife and I first started Dads4Kids in 2002, we discovered that fathers, and men in general, are barely noticed in government policy. Dads4Kids is a Harm Prevention Charity and our fundamental role is to work at a grass roots level, encouraging individual men to go for gold as fathers, for the sake of… Read More