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September 2014

Working Together for Men and Boys

Some parents bring up their children on thunder and lightning, but thunder and lightning never made anything grow. As a dad with strong opinions about injustice and a passion for the truth, I can easily fall into this trap myself. No doubt at times I have. Thankfully my children have forgiven me for my occasional… Read More

The Love Glue

Tarzan’s Grip or Loctite is the best way to glue materials together. Both of these adhesives are commonly called ‘superglues’. But what is the best way to glue families together? Marriage is the superglue that bonds families together like no other adhesive! Marriage protects our children. Marriage guarantees our children’s future. Marriage protects our finances… Read More

Sages and Stages

Well I got my card in the mail today, and I don’t mean a Father’s Day card. I am now, according to the NSW Government ‘a senior’. Because so much of our work is voluntary my wife put me in for a seniors card. It gives me some discounts for train travel and a few… Read More

Happy Father’s Day

You as a father have a lot of reasons to be happy. Each of your children gives you well over a million reasons. Add your wife and family as a total unit and you now have well over a billion reasons to be happy. In the light of all this, being happy on Father’s Day… Read More

Fatherhood Explosion

Great news! This Thursday 4 September, Aaron Dickson will be coming to Australia as a guest of Dads4Kids to help and inspire Aussie dads. This tour will be called ‘Love Your Children’ Tour (code for fatherhood explosion) – Australia, look out!! We already have Aaron booked in at Sunrise Channel 7 for 7.45am on Friday… Read More