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August 2014

Imperfect Fathers

  If watching this YouTube video doesn’t touch your heart nothing will. I ignored the tear jerker alert posted below the video, much to my discomfort. By the end of the video I was bawling like a baby. With six million views and climbing it seems I am not alone. There is something extraordinarily inspirational… Read More

Ever Learning Dads

Sometimes, for me, books become my best friends.  I am a very inquisitive soul at the best of times.  I love reading and I also strongly identify with Scrooge McDuck and all his Scottish ancestry.  Maybe it's because I can still remember my Scottish grandmother saying things like, "Waste not, want not", or "Look after… Read More

Your Wife is Beautiful

‘Your Wife is Beautiful’ is the title for this week’s newsletter, I proudly announced to my wife. “Why not call it ‘Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder’? or ‘You are Beautiful’?” my wife inquired. She was trying to be inclusive of those readers who are not married to the mother of their children… Read More

Dads Go Viral

In the last newsletter we posted a video called First Date. It now has 8.3 million hits. Last week we posted the news story with an interview about this touching father daughter story on our Dads4Kids Facebook page. See the Daddy-Daughter Date Goes Viral below. The TV news story description said, “Some viewers are calling… Read More