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May 2014

A Manfully Alive

Manhood is a wonderful creation, as is womanhood. The masculine is magnificent as much as the feminine is fabulous. Men and women are gloriously different. It is only those who are obsessed with the ideology of gender androgyny who refuse to accept the facts. Dr John Gray, the author of Men are From Mars –… Read More

Moms Night Out

One of the few privileges my wife and I get, as the founders of Dads4Kids, is that occasionally  we get to see a preview screening of a new movie because family friendly movie distributors know that we will at least give such a movie a fair hearing. Some weeks ago I received an excited call… Read More

I must be one of the stupidest people I know. Some time ago I was invited to speak at the opening of a local charity called ‘Assist’ run by Brian Pember, a friend of mine. I wrote the address down in my diary when Brian invited me to speak. I took my diary with me… Read More

Malcolm Gladwell in his bestselling book, ‘Outliers’, gives us all insights into why plane crashes happen and what we can do to stop them. Perhaps his insights can stop families crashing as well. The relationship between the captain and his co-pilot is very similar to the relationship and communication skills required for a father and… Read More

Make a Stand for Mothers

Next Sunday, 11 May 2014, is Mother’s Day. I was planning to do a big article in appreciation of mothers, but that plan was shelved on Friday morning after I received a breathless phone call from my friend Luke McCormack of the Australian Family Association. Luke wanted to tell me about the current government’s new… Read More