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April 2014

Greater Love

You may remember that I recently told the story of Gallipoli VC awardee Captain Shout in a special edition of Dads4Kids about the upcoming Train the Trainer Summit. Imagine my surprise on having dinner with Mark Jeffery, one of the Dads4Kids Board Members, the night before ANZAC Day, that his wife Rochelle told me that… Read More

Get your Heart Back

We are in the middle of celebrating Easter.  Our children think that Easter is all about chocolate eggs and rabbits, but of course it is really about something far deeper and stronger.  Good Friday is called 'good' because it celebrates the death of Jesus Christ on a cruel cross and Easter Sunday is a celebration… Read More

At Gallipoli, on the morning of 9th August 1915, with a small party of soldiers, Aussie Dad and soldier Alfred Shout   charged down trenches strongly occupied by the enemy and personally threw four bombs among them, killing eight and routing the remainder. In the afternoon of the same day, from the position gained in the… Read More

The Value of Fathers

In 2003 Counting Crows had a hit with Joni Mitchell’s song Big Yellow Taxi.The chorus goes like this “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” This thought is captured in a brilliant article by Amy Remeikis called ‘Facing a father's death with laughter and tears’. Amy… Read More

Well known UK commentator Peter Hitchens in an article called ‘So Much for Father’s Day’ said, “By the end of his or her childhood, a British boy or girl is much more likely to have a TV set in the bedroom than a father at home. Our 45 year war against traditional family life has… Read More