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March 2014

Advice from an SAS Soldier

Kevin Bailey is one of those guys you would never forget if you had the chance to meet him face to face. Like most people who have served in the Armed Forces, he carries himself well in a positive and self-assured manner and yet in a uniquely Aussie way, is very laid back. Kevin has… Read More

The Search for Warriors

Dads4Kids has a big goal. The Dads4Kids Board, and the team at Dads4Kids want to turn the tide of fatherlessness in our nation. Tonight over a million Australian children will go to sleep in a home that is without their biological father. In the vast majority of situations it could have been prevented. Many more… Read More

Snakes Alive

As a boy my dad used to tell my brother and I stories before we went to bed. We would even sing a song, “Tell me a story” if he was short off the mark. Our favourite stories were Dad’s Snake Stories, most of them real. They would always end with Dad killing the snake… Read More

Caramello Life

The term ‘Caramello Life’ is coined by fatherhood researcher and advocate, Dr Bruce Robinson from Perth, Western Australia. Bruce was nominated for Australian of the Year 2014 and was high in the running, but lost to Adam Goodes, a well known Aboriginal Australian Rules footballer. Being a good friend of Bruce’s, I rang him to… Read More

The Bank of Love

Some time ago I went on a retreat with a group of men.  One of the subjects for discussion was the place of our families in our lives.  Most of the men were professional, ‘middle management’, if there is such a thing.  Most of us felt the intense pressure of ‘trying to keep the customer… Read More