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February 2014

The Best Start in LIfe

As we learned in last week’s newsletter, ‘the Joy & Terror’ of fatherhood, we can experience times as fathers when we are driven to the point of extremity and simply do not know what to do. That is when we must, as MC Hammer once said, “Pray just to make it today”. From my own… Read More

The Joy and the Terror

If you don't like this week's title, it could always be renamed 'The Sweet Insanity' of parenthood. As a nation we have just celebrated Valentine's Day and I trust you were able to celebrate it too. Hopefully you took the Dads4Kids Valentine's Day Challenge and you are more in love this week than you were… Read More

The Valentines Day Challenge

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day this Friday 14 February, and the first thing you are going to say is, “What does Valentine’s Day have to do with dads?” Actually, quite a lot! Firstly it was the passion of love for the woman of your dreams that got you into being a father in the first… Read More