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October 2013

With This Ring

We have talked before about our children leaving home and the family decreasing in size and the sadness of that moment. For a big, close family, it can be a sort-of death experience for both mum and dad, but I have some good news for you. Out of death comes life. The greatest selling book… Read More

Life Long Learners

It’s hard to hold back the tears when a man starts being really honest and speaking from his heart. This is especially the case when that same man has just finished the first Good to Great Course to be completed outside the Sydney-Wollongong region. It is even more exciting when that man tells you that… Read More

Win Win Decision Making

Life has its challenges and being a father compounds those challenges.  Someone has got to be the leader in the family.  The buck has got to stop with someone. Herein lies the challenge. I believe that fathers are called to be leaders in love.  Being a leader requires making decisions on behalf of those you… Read More

Family Factories

The feature story in a Readers Digest began with the above quote.  It was a most interesting article about Edmund Hillary written by his son Peter Hillary, called ‘Adventures with My Dad’. Peter Hillary tells the story of being a rather reclusive child with strong interests in pressing flowers, writing poems and bird-watching.  He tells… Read More