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September 2013

The Dad Dilemma

The Dad Dilemma is the title of an article in The Age about the challenges of child birth. Thea O’Connor, the writer, says, “Most Australian men are present and active at the birth of their children. But not everyone believes this is a good thing.” Having been present for the births of my five children… Read More

It is so hard to explain fatherhood and the many emotions it entails, but Andrew Lansdown, from Perth, has done a cracking job. His new book of poems called ‘Gestures of Love – the Fatherhood Poems’ is full of moments and emotions experienced by fathers the world over. Les Murray, arguably Australia’s greatest living poet… Read More

Fathers Finding Their Voice

On Australia’s federal election night (7 September 2013), I received an excited phone call from James Adams, one of the fathers behind Fathers4Equality. As I missed his call, he later expressed his thoughts in text: “Did you hear Abbott’s acceptance speech?  Of three aims he promised to support ‘our forgotten families’. F***king really great news… Read More

Fatherhood and Explosive DNA

I can remember getting off the boat at Circular Quay, Sydney. I was 8 years old and my brother was 6 years old. My mother had 'taken' us away to Scotland because of marital disharmony and we had lived with our grandmother for two years in Edinburgh. This was the second time. When I was… Read More