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July 2013

Last week I got a phone call from Mary-Louise Fowler, the coordinator of the World Congress of Families VII (WCF). She said with a worried voice, “We are in danger of losing some of our best speakers!” “Why?” I asked. Mary-Louise replied, “Homosexual activists are attacking the World Congress of Families because many of the speakers believe… Read More

Every Baby is a Royal Baby

It has been a big week for royal babies. On Monday 22 July 2013, at 4.24pm Prince William and Princess Kate had a son, George Alexander Louis, whose destiny may well be the future King of England. On Sunday 21 July 2013, at 7.08pm my son and daughter-in-law had a baby girl, Annabelle Daisy Marsh… Read More

Legend Husband App

I knew I had struck gold when I saw the subject line in my Inbox: Finally-The App All Women Have Been Waiting For..LEGEND HUSBAND! The media release said it all: The brainchild of Sydney Pastor Mark Reilly, the new Legend Husband app gives men an idea of what their wives really need.Mark is the Pastor… Read More

Fathers as Love Leaders

You may wonder why I am so committed to encouraging you to be the best father you can be for your children.  I could say that it’s the mountains of sociological studies that show a direct link between fatherlessness and dozens of social problems.  Sociologists from all over the globe, through empirical studies, link increased… Read More

Best Advice for Dads

The last day of the Absent Get Fatherhood Back Tour was spent in the “State of Excitement” which of course is Western Australia. This was the tagline found on every WA number plate in years gone by and it still applies today especially in the area of fatherhood. Justin Hunt, the Absent director, and I… Read More