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June 2013


Here I am again and I’m singing Willie Nelson’s song, ‘On the road again, like a band of gypsies travelling down the highway’. I’m writing this from Hobart, Tasmania where we are showing the film Absent to over 250 enthusiastic Tasmanian viewers.  Next stop on the road is Adelaide and then Perth. The responses to… Read More

Miracle in the Media

I am writing this on a flight between Townsville and Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. I am currently on tour with the ‘Absent’ movie and its director Justin Hunt. I say movie because the film is one hour and 29 minutes long and is a brilliant and well crafted expose on the importance of fathers and… Read More

“Yes Dear”

The secret is: “My wife makes me look good”. Now that it’s out, it’s all too late.  I can’t take it back.  That’s why it is so important for you to keep this information to yourself.  You see, I always like to take the credit for everything myself.  You know that song, “Lord it’s hard… Read More

The Tide is Turning

This is an exciting time in the restoration of fatherhood in Australia. To quote Bill Biddle, manager of film distribution for Koorong: “Interest in ‘Absent’ is exploding across Australia”. Many venues booked are preparing for overflow areas with extra screens as interest gets stronger. The Facebook page is up to 461 likes and Koorong, the… Read More

Absent, a powerful and moving film about the impact of fathers on children and society, will screen in Australian cities as part of a National Premiere Film Tour 13-29 June 2013, accompanied by the film’s award-winning director Justin Hunt. I am very excited that I will be accompanying Justin Hunt on the tour and hopefully… Read More