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May 2013

Elephant in the Room

In the Absent movie, which will soon be touring Australia, 13-29 June 2013, John Eldredge, author of ‘Wild at Heart’ says, “If you take snapshots of western culture right now the prognosis is not good”. David Blankenhorn has stated in ‘Fatherless America’ written in 1996, “Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation”… Read More

Last week I got a phone call from Mary-Louise Fowler, the coordinator of the World Congress of Families VII (WCF). She said with a worried voice, “We are in danger of losing some of our best speakers!” “Why?” I asked. Mary-Louise replied, “Homosexual activists are attacking the World Congress of Families because many of the speakers believe that children deserve… Read More

Marriage Junkie

What is a marriage junkie and why am I one? Maybe it’s because my own mum and dad had such a shocking marriage.  The Boys in Blue had to come down and adjudicate the fights.  For my brother and I, growing up in World War III was a pretty difficult experience. Maybe it was a… Read More

The Moments We Live For

For months you have been hearing about the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Train the Trainer Summit, held last weekend at ‘Gumburu’ on a mountain top in North Queensland. The question you might well ask is, “How did it go?” Before I endeavour to answer, let me tell you about the agony and the ecstasy we experienced in… Read More