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April 2013

Some time ago a good friend of mine sent me an article by Mic Dover called, ‘Once Were Toddlers’ from a monthly magazine ‘Sydney’s Child’, www.sydneyschild.com.au The article was all about the New Zealand based Good Man Project. The idea for the project grew out of a conversation between a college headmaster and ex-prison manager. The… Read More

Our Anzac Fathers

Some are speculating that this year’s 98th celebration of ANZAC Day could be one of the biggest ever.  The curious thing is that more and more young people are getting up very early in the morning to take part in the traditional ANZAC dawn service.  This year tens of thousands will make the pilgrimage to… Read More

The Day My Dad Died

It started like any other day.  I remember vividly it was a warm blue sky with a light sea breeze from the east.  I had kissed my wife goodbye early that morning  and had raced into the office to get three major projects completed that day.  The beauty of the day  faded quickly into the… Read More