1801, 2020

Leadership Survival in the Family

January 18th, 2020|

Some time ago, I attended a seminar where I was handed a little cellophane bag tied with a blue ribbon, full of unusual goodies with a tag titled ‘Leadership Survival Kit”. I had never received a Leadership Survival Kit before, so I picked it up to have a good look. I like to think of myself as a leader, but more importantly, I want to survive. As a father with five children, some of whom I look up to now because they are taller than me, I find t ...read more

1101, 2020

My Daddy’s a Hero – Firefighter’s Young Daughter Receives a Medal at His Funeral

January 11th, 2020|

Every child believes his or her dad is a hero. Sadly, this was confirmed in the most horrific way in the tragedy of the recent bushfires. So far, out of the 26 deaths, three were men who gave their life in service for others as volunteers in the Rura ...read more

812, 2019

Tipping Point

December 8th, 2019|

I have always felt that our society is at a tipping point when it comes to the restoration of fatherhood in our society. Part of that is my innate tendency to optimism. For me the glass is always half full. I can remember sharing as the conference or ...read more

3011, 2019

No Regrets

November 30th, 2019|

I am fascinated by what people say and think before they leave the planet. Wisdom is sometimes very costly and as you consider the past, you can understand the future better. Dr Bruce Robinson, probably Australia’s bestselling fatherhood author, wrot ...read more