1710, 2019

Nail in the Head – Magic Table

October 17th, 2019|

Modern gender experts try to tell us that men and women are the same. They tell us that being a man, or a woman, is actually just a social construct. They also tell us that men and women can change their gender at any time. Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, offer 71 gender options. All of this is utter nonsense and would be farcical, except that people actually believe this sort of rubbish. Worse still, the holy trinity pushing gender ideology ...read more

709, 2019

Dear Dad – The hidden power of Fathers: “Honest, funny, sometimes startling, often moving.”

September 7th, 2019|

My wife got me a book for Father’s Day called “Dear Dad”. It is a collection of letters to fathers, edited by Samuel Johnson OAM. The description on the back cover says, “A heartfelt, honest and very human book of letters that will make you smile and ...read more