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How to Love a Woman

People have said to me, “Warwick, if you could write a book about ‘How to Love a Woman’, you would be a millionaire overnight.” My problem is that every time I think I have learnt something about the art of loving a woman, and it is an art rather that a science, she changes, I… Read More

Business Time

Humour is usually the intersection of reality with the ridiculous. This can take many shapes and forms, but what I have noticed is that really good comedians are usually very good social commentators. I should have realised this the night I was doing a Fatherhood Seminar in Launceston. The title was ‘The Seven Secrets for… Read More

By Sheila Wray Gregoire http://tolovehonorandvacuum.com/2012/07/men-heres-what-i-wish-i-could-say-to-you-about-sex/ Editors Note: This is probably the first time I have ever printed an article on my blog by a woman. But if you want to give advice to men about sex who better to ask than a woman. Only half the article is included so please go to Shelia's great… Read More

Mark Latham, The Daily Telegraph Editors Comment: Mark Latham is a passionate father who does not suffer fools gladly. He is a very adroit commentator and his warning  at the end of the article that we are fighting for the future of civilisation is more than true. WHEN John Maynard Keynes declared “Madmen in authority… Read More

Dad Jokes

They sell books sometimes at the gym my wife and I go to. The other morning, always on the lookout for books for me, our readers and our grandchildren, my wife excitedly called me across to the gym book table. Look at this, she said, holding up a book of illustrated dad jokes by Katrina… Read More

Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife

Some time ago I came across a Tim Hawkins’ video on YouTube. Tim Hawkins is a musical comedian with a difference. He made up some very interesting new words to the Green Day song, “Time of Your Life” and renamed it ‘Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK2OakMoW_c&feature=related&safe=active The second verse goes like this… Read More

Say I love You

Firstly I and the team at Dads4Kids wishes you a Happy Father’s Day! Secondly, we thank you for your support and encouragement to produce and get the Dads4kids ‘Love your Children’ Community Service Announcement adverts out to TV stations all over Australia. We have heard many reports of people seeing the new advertisement so far… Read More

Fathers Tales

Elizabeth Svoboda, the author of What Makes a Hero says, “New research is lending texture and credence to what generations of story tellers have known in their bones – that books, poems, movies and real life stories can affect the way we think and even, by extension, the way we act. As the late US… Read More

New Dads4Kids Adverts

Putting together the Dads4Kids Community Service Announcements is always an exciting time for me. It is an honour to film fathers in their natural habitat with their children. It is both an inspiring and humbling experience for me. The previous TV adverts would be hard to beat! In an eight-day period we videoed 24 fathers… Read More

Editors Note: We congratulate  Anthony Albanese on his courage to share this powerful and personal story with the people of  Australia. We reprint the full article for our readers interest. It is ironic that Anthony Albanese can share such a commanding story with Australia that shows the desperate longing that each child has to know… Read More