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Champion Fathers

Many years ago, my wife and I travelled to the USA to meet with fatherhood and family leaders. We met Dr Ken Canfield in Los Angeles, the founder of the world’s first major Fathering Centre. We also met with Brian Molitor, Michigan, of the Malachi Global Foundation. Brian Molitor took me out on a jet… Read More

Investing in Love

I remember the day, many years ago, the door closed on our last meeting with the insolvency accountant. The sort of meeting you don’t really want to have if you can avoid it. We had just lost everything we had ever worked for, except for a few personal goods that we were allowed to keep… Read More

Editors Note: This brilliant  Article by one of Australia's most highly regarded political journalists Paul Kelly Arguing the Good Effect of Christian Faith & Lamenting its loss appeared in the weekend edition of our Nation’s premier National newspaper on the 8th July 2017. I record it out here for your further interest. By Paul Kelly… Read More

Stamp of Love

They say that there are two things you can be sure of in life – death and taxes. Most of us run from them both for good reason. Death is the scary one, but I guess one gets more used to the idea the older one gets. But it still seems to catch us by… Read More

Editors Note: Jennifer Oriel from the Australian has just written a brilliant article on the need for Christian values in Australia and western democracy.  Today I spoke to a colleague and we both agree that this article is the most lucid article on the subject we have ever seen. Faithless Australians May Lose More than… Read More

Enjoy Your Children

“Joy is the key to being a good parent and specifically the secret to being a great parent to your children is a lifelong commitment to enjoying your children, not enduring them”. These are the words of Glen A. Gerreyn, noted author and speaker. Glen is father of four children and author of four books… Read More

Before I talk to you about the Good News and Bad News let me share something with you. Whilst the Just A Man is my personal blog it is also my primary way of releasing the latest information from our weekly Dads4Kids Newsletters. My passion is to change the world and make it a better… Read More

The Red Pill

When Dads4Kids started on 1st May 2002 we had no idea how important this ‘MayDay’ call would become. My wife and I had the naive idea that we would help and inspire fathers to be more involved with their children and turn their hearts towards home. We had no idea how important and strategic that… Read More

Together Dads4kids with your help have been building a better future for our children for over 15 years. The Dads4 Kids Fatherhood Foundation came into existence on 1 May 2002. To help you and resource you to become and even better dad we invite you to join us for our second historic webinar – ‘Building… Read More

Training Courageous Men

Sometimes the moments that ‘take your breath away’ come in the most unexpected ways. The saying that truth is stranger than fiction is more true than false. Let me explain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGsmtm4iFXs Goliath Giant Swing – Train the Trainer 2017 Recently Dads4Kids organised the Good to Great Train the Trainer Summit. My job is to vet… Read More